We automates the process of converting large amount of disparate & complex data into a user-ready business model & data store.


Businesses are using the power of insights provided by big data to instantaneously establish who did what, when and where. The biggest value created by these timely, meaningful insights from large data sets is often the effective enterprise decision-making that the insights enable.

Key Benefits;

Timely insights from the vast amounts of data. This includes those already stored in company databases, from external third-party sources, the Internet, social media and remote sensors.
Real-time monitoring and forecasting of events that impact either business performance or operation
Ability to find, acquire, extract, manipulate, analyze, connect and visualize data with the tools of choice.
Its capability to manage vast amounts of data, in or out of the Cloud, with validation and verification.
Identifying significant information that can improve decision quality
Mitigating risk by optimizing the complex decisions of unplanned events more rapidly

Communicate with your consumers

Today’s consumers are a tough nut to crack. They look around a lot before they buy, talk to their entire social network about their purchases, demand to be treated as unique and want to be sincerely thanked for buying your products. Big Data allows you to profile these increasingly vocal and fickle little ‘tyrants’ in a far-reaching manner so that you can engage in an almost one-on-one, real-time conversation with them. If you don’t treat them like they want to, they will leave you in the blink of an eye.

Re-develop your products

Big Data can also help you understand how others perceive your products so that you can adapt them, or your marketing, if need be. Analysis of unstructured social media text allows you to uncover the sentiments of your customers and even segment those in different geographical locations or among different demographic groups.

Perform risk analysis

Success not only depends on how you run your company. Social and economic factors are crucial for your accomplishments as well. Predictive analytics, fueled by Big Data allows you to scan and analyze newspaper reports or social media feeds so that you permanently keep up to speed on the latest developments in your industry and its environment. Detailed health-tests on your suppliers and customers are another goodie that comes with Big Data. This will allow you to take action when one of them is in risk of defaulting.

Create new revenue streams

The insights that you gain from analyzing your market and its consumers with Big Data are not just valuable to you. You could sell them as non-personalized trend data to large industry players operating in the same segment as you and create a whole new revenue stream.

Offering enterprise-wide insights

Previously, if business users needed to analyze large amounts of varied data, they had to ask their IT colleagues for help as they themselves lacked the technical skills for doing so. Often, by the time they received the requested information, it was no longer useful or even correct. With Big Data tools, the technical teams can do the groundwork and then build repeatability into algorithms for faster searches. In other words, they can develop systems and install interactive and dynamic visualization tools that allow business users to analyze, view and benefit from the data.