Affaan Technologies offers Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Consulting services that helps you navigate the ever changing technological landscape & bring you closer to your customers than you ever thought possible. We bring an unmatched team of experts that are on the frontiers of multiple streams of AI & combine that with business acumen that takes you to the next level. We challenge you to dream & let us help you get there!

Forecasting Models

Leveraging multiple sources of information we build powerful predictive models that can help in planning, decision making and task automation processes.

Understand Images & Videos

We use deep learning to recognize objects in images & videos. Augmented reality, image search, security, healthcare are some of the ways we use & interact with technology.

Understand Text

Through NLP (Natural Processing Language) & state of the art Machine Learning we can transform text into structured data, which can be used as input for multiple applications.

Full-stack & IoT development

From infrastructure to HTML, from prototype to deployment, to craft scalable & unique applications. A precise combination of serious problem solving with elegant visualization.

Here’s how we do it



We run a workshop with the relevant stakeholders. There are three key questions we work through – how do you make money, where do you lose money, and what data do you have available? From this starting point, we generate potential uses for AI in your business. The aim at this stage is to go broad and uncover as many opportunities as possible.



Each use case is assessed for viability. We look at level of effort required, speed of adoption/implementation, quality of available data etc. With your team we look at existing software, processes and structures and collaborate to understand the potential benefit of each use case. From this process, we can identify the key use cases to consider for pilot.



We take a sample of the data and create a PoC. This demonstrates the viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results can be achieved from the application of AI. We run multiple parallel experiments to develop a machine learning model – trained on historical data it can predict the future trends or understand the semantics of a text.



Drawing on insight from Weeks 2 and 3, we define a high level rollout plan, covering required processes, data, resources and timings to give a clear idea of how the Proof of Concept can be integrated into your business. We will leave you with a functional prototype producing real business results, and the tools needed to build out greater capability.

We spread the AI knowledge

We speak about our findings and experience at conferences, panel discussions & seminars. We also sponsor & host conferences in various industries to help keep the AI enthusiast community together.

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